The custom treasure and the treasure custom

In the name of God the compassionate and the merciful

The custom treasure and the treasure custom

Unique cultural competitions of poem and music

10 gifts(that will be worth)110 million tomans



The secretariat of the educational complex of Golha



With helping of true lovers of national original literature and art, helpers,

merchants and traders

Awarding gifts for your welcoming and assurance of Hakim Khaze poetry treasure

In the name of God the custom treasure,the Lord of the treasure custom

Hello Dears

   Hakim Khaze universal literature school, writers`home publishing, Allameh Helli cultural center are institutions which come from the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and his family) old libraries, Ayatollah Mojtahedis` works and endowments. It gradually has been varied in different educational, social and cultural levels, playing_role, doing duties since 1328. Also it has been devoted a part to glorifying poets and artists who has lived up to now,  in addition publishing lost works and national treasures .

   There were great men in past from Rudaki, Ferdosi, Attar, Molavi, Nezami, Sa`adi,Hafez to Bahar ,Parvin ,Shahriar and ….. now Hakim Khaze is considered not only as incomparable treasure (surely it is not exaggerated) also he is really known as a unique treasure today by justifiable evidence of experts, the wisemen and poetry and music masters.Really,in this time, it is a unique treasure

   Therefore it will be deserved to do our duties against welcoming of the helper, merchants, traders who are enthusiastic to national culture and lovers who are faithful to original music and poem, once again God`s blessing is given to us to hold a big competition for welcoming and insurance of Hakim Khaze s`poems. We will award 10 gifts (that will be worth 110 million tomans )to winners. In fact, what we do it will be the least duties of us.

   Fortunately, it has beenwelcomed mystically the series of poems, lyrics, verses , songs, Masnavi, Rubaiyat and poems which has been chosen from several volumes, Hakim Khaze Divan (which was written) in rich languages of Persian and Arabic and also Turkish (that is) Najafi local dialects which are rhythmic with the corners of music and set by musical verse of Maghami, by experts, culture and culture-art lovers and those who are interested in poem and music.

   However the regret of being abandoned the works for a long time and being hidden the unique cultural treasure like real one have ever been remained to us from 1310-20 decades but the enthusiastic welcoming of wise men turned it to merry.

   As some experts, music, art and poem lovers inform well, the parts have been collected from series of several volumes of poetry, songs and poems of Hakim Khaze Divan, God`s blessing, mostly it had been as like as a discovery, from series poem books, lyric poems and the poems of Hakim Khaze Divan that its clearest documents belong to Savak documents, marginal documents and documents which has been left in Iraq and Najaf and Iran Savak related to the issue and some of them were published last year by professors like Ali Davanind and others as their activities and memories of 20-30 and 50-60 decades

   Fortunately with trying of some masters and artists, especially professor Ahmad Mojtahedi and writers` home and Allame Helli cultural center, parts of the works which has been found, was published gradually and it has been reached to several publications in a short time by welcoming of you, masters, experts and poetry, literature and music lovers.

 The writings of masters and artists, poets and great men, ladies and gentlemen have been encouraged all of us as if we asked professor Mojtahedi and cooperators to discover and recover such literal and cultural treasures.

  Especially some experts of literature and music has compared Hakim Khaze` poems with the best poems and Persian literature and Arabic literature and ones who expert in techniques of music ,art and poem, local dialects which are rhymed by the musical corners and set by arranged maghami poetry.

And also great men like Rudaki, Imru` al_Qais,Hisan ,Al_Farazdaq,Ferdosi, Sanai,Attar and sa`adi,Abufrass and Dabal,Al_Mutanabbi , Hafez and others who are high_lighted characters in cultural field and bright stars in poem and art sky.

 Some of the instances and comparisons were so technical based on eloquent science which has been left person to person among professors and artists sofar that we put parts of their comments proportionally in our website

   It was important for experts that the author really knows religious jurisprudence, interpretation and philosophy professionally too. In addition, both they regretted to Hakim Khaze `s absence clearly and they were happy for publications however it had been lasted for a long time.

  It’s the works of Ayatollah Shamsoddin Mohammad Najafi that has been passed about 90 years of his blessing life. Besides his works and services in Tehran, some cities in Iraq and Najaf. With having various scientific resalehs and practical treatises for some disciples ,in addition being junist and authority of imitation, having skill in Persian culture and Arabic culture, poetry, music and Gnosticism, philosophy, history, interpretation of the Holy Qau`ran and Nahjolbalghe and ancient poems related to prophet`s family, firm and even holy poetry`s angles and guiding, recommended or impunity music (that are) controlled by jurist and fully qualified mutahid.

   It is proper that besides we always thank God and pray for Hakim Khaze truly. We thank all of you and welcome to your attending truly in the big competition again and we will wait .

You`re welcome.110 million tomans worth of gifts.

With helping of the true lovers of national pure culture and art

For welcoming and assurance of Hakim Khazes` poems.

With unique  and excellent gifts

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